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Hotel Manager System

Technosoft Hotel Manager System
The system has been developed through the collective effort of people, who can be considered as professionals in their respective fields of work.  One can easily see the result of this effort, in the various modules, which generate a high level of user confidence in the system, as it caters for the everyday hotel situations. 
The end result is obviously a sense of efficiency that helps to create a pleasant working environment.  The main objective of the system is not to simply computerise the work that to-date has been done manually, but rather to provide a complete and timely system of control and information. 
The hotel system consists of three main modules:
These three modules are integrated with each other, giving each user the ability to input, amend and delete reservations, register and update the daily charges and post the departed guests directly to the debtors ledger.
The Telephone System
With the telephone system any calls made from the rooms are recorded on the computer and posted to their appropriate bills automatically.  This module also prints to the transactions printed on the printer for security reasons so that no transactions are lost.  The telephone system is protected by a password so that unauthorized staff cannot log out of the program and so shut down the telephone system.