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Hotel Debtors Ledger

Hotel Debtors Ledger 
From the debtors ledger module the user can post:
  • Invoices
  • Payments on Debtor's accounts
  • Credits Notes
  • Discounts
The invoices can be posted automatically through the transfer to ledger function in the front office.  From the transfer to ledger function the user is presented with all the departed board bills.  By selecting the board bill the system transfers them directly to their respective accounts. 
Apart from transferring board bills this function also enables the user to:
  • Post adjustments to the board bills
  • Change the debtor of the board bill
  • Re-Print the board bill
The user using the debtors posting function can make further invoicing.
The invoice can also be matched with the relevant payments made during the year so that up-to-date statements can be produced.  Apart from the statements, the following reports can also be printed :
  • Audit Reports
  • Tax Audit Reports
  • Aged Analysis Reports