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Hotel Front Office Module

Hotel Front Office Module
This module is mostly used by the reception staff, which enables the users to:
  • Post Charges to the Guest Bills
  • Printing of Guest Bills
  • Printing of Reports
The registration of guests is a straightforward task, which means less queuing time and less space for errors from the users.  The same principle is applied to the departures.  When departing a guest the system reminds the user for any balances not yet paid and for any bills not yet printed.
The user can post the extras charges to the guest bill or the board bill according to the needs.  The opening of non-resident bills is a useful function to charge guests who are not staying at the hotel, for example, a business lunch.
Apart from extras, the user can also post pending deposits due for certain reservations.
The posting of entitlements is another vital function in the hotel system, which keeps track of the entitlements due of the day.  The user posts the breakfast, lunch and dinner chits and if any extras where taken, the extras are posted to the guest bill automatically.  Apart from the posting of entitlements there are also various entitlements reports that can be issued which can be useful for the kitchen staff.
Another important feature is the room transfers, which enables the user to change the guest rooms accordingly.
The reports available from the front office module are meant for the every day routine of the hotel. The main reports are:
  • Arrival list
  • Departure list
  • Guest list
  • Overstaying guests report
  • No shows report
Apart from these there are a series of other reports that are designed for the accounts department to show all the transfers to ledger together with forecasts reports to show the hotel’s availability.  The reports can be viewed on screen, printed on different printers and certain reports transferred to a spreadsheet file.