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Hotel Outlet Point of Sale Module

Hotel Outlet Point of Sale Module 
The Point of Sale software saves time and money by reducing errors and improving the efficiency of the staff.  The Point of Sale module, like all other Technosoft software is very user friendly.  Training time for employees is typically 15 minutes or less.  Highlights of the Point of Sale function are described below. 
The system is well suited for nearly any foodservice business, including: fine dining, hotel bars, cafeterias, and fast food outlets.  The POS interfaces with touch screens and supports a wide variety of industry standard receipt and kitchen printers.
The point of sales will be set up for a fast turnaround cafeteria-style operation. Therefore the system will be set up in take-away cash only mode.  However, there are optional facilities for waiting tables, discounts, members and credit facilities.  There is also an optional 'happy hour  or alternative price list feature which can be activated by the cashier.
The POS can be tailored to the needs of each business.  Currently, the following features are offered, all of which are completely integrated:
  • The POS system works on a touch screen – this allows for very fast operation where the categories and items are easily set up from another computer and transferred to the point of sale.  This means that there is no need to change button inserts every time a new item is added to the list or lengthy programming procedures for a simple price change
  • The system can handle take-away sales, cash only basis take away sales and numbered waiting tables.  The POS can handle up to 999 tables
  • A "status screen" is available to show the complete state of the restaurant - which tables are occupied and which have had the bill issued
  • PLU Details show the description that will be shown on the bill and on the button on the point of sale as well as the normal selling price, the VAT rate and the happy hour price
  • The POS can be configured to print the food items on the kitchen printer, while the drinks will be printed on the bar printer
  • The system has facilities to print X-reads and Z-reads.  These can be suppressed or performed by the back office.  There are facilities for 'blind' Z-reads or pre-counted Z-reads with an 'overs & shorts' reports
  • An audit report can also be issued to get a daily view of the sales performed during the day
  • All Z-readings and bills are archived and can be re-printed any time
  • Full ranges of sales statistics reports are available for past sales