Payroll Payslips Description Changes

Payroll Payslips Description Changes
This module is designed to help the customer customise the payslip fields with the description needed, on the employee needed and on the payroll period needed.
This module consists of creating a list of descriptions which are normally user in the payslip so that the user can then change the description of the payslip when needed.  If the user needs to change a description into a different one from the ones already available in the list, it can be created instantly and used in the payslip(s) needed.
It is very simple to use but yet very useful since it will help the employees of your company understand the amounts entered in respective to which criteria.
Fields which are normally used in this function are:
  • Commissions
  • Company Bonus
  • Production Bonus
  • Unpaid Hours
  • Shift Allowance
The above is just a short list of certain fields that are created and used within the payslips by the help of this function.