Payroll Electronic Lodgement Module

Payroll Electronic Lodgement Module
The Electronic Lodgement module has been integrated into the Technosoft Payroll Manager so that during the printing of employee FS3 reports, the system will ask whether you require an electronic version of the reports.
In order to generate the electronic lodgement files from the system, from within your REPORTS choose:

After the prompt 'Do you want to print FS3 reports for all employees?', the system will ask whether the Electronic Lodgement should be generated:

Following this, the Payroll Manager will then:
  • Print the traditional FS3 reports
  • Print Electronic Lodgement file (1)
  • Print Electronic Lodgement file (2)
These reports contain the information that is going to be generated in an electronic version. It is strongly recommended that they are both printed out as a hard copy and filed for future reference that you may require. 
Generate the required files and save them both on a removable disk: 
The two files are then uploaded through the Web portal, provided by the Inland Revenue Department.