Support Information:
We at Technosoft believe in the importance of delivering the best possible user training at initial stage so that for the users to immediately run their system in an efficient manner, and get to know what they can achieve from the system.
Once using the system, we give strong and effective customer support to help the user use the system in the best way possible independently.
Below are the different levels of support details:
  • Training
  • Telephone / Email Support
  • On-site Support
  • Remote Support

We like to categorise the user training as the most important part of any installation, and according to the customer's needs, we discuss the best possibile way that the training is to be carried out.
There are various ways we deliver training of our systems.  Basically training can be done on a single session - mostly for payroll users, or it can be done in different stages - where each session tackles a different area of the system.
Training is done either on-site or at our offices - according to the needs of each customer.

Telephone / Email Support
After and during the installation stage, we believe in helping out our customers in learning to use their system, and most importantly, get the most from it. 
Our support staff are well trained to give effective support and to understand the needs of our customers and to help them achieve the achievable.
We like to work with a close relation with our customers to understand how we can best support each customer and to always learn from our customers in order to enhance our software and to make it simpler to use so that each user can work independently. 

On-site Support 
On-site support is where we come to your premises to investigate those issues which cannot be resolved on telephone, email or even remotely. 
Other reasons to opt for on-site support vary from consultations, meetings or discussions regarding certain requests or issues which users might have.
Note that charges may apply for on-site support, according to the case in query.

Remote Support
In order to assist our customers remotely, we use the below different types of methods to connect:
We choose which one to install according to the needs of the customer.  In each case, the customer will be viewing each step which is made remotely on his/her PC so that to understand what exactly is being done to implement the requested or solve certain issues.

We can also adapt to using other methods to connect such as remote desktop or any other connection types.


Remote Support:

Support Tools:
(to be used only with our guidance)

Support Email:

Telephone Support:
21 677045 / 21 662831 
8.00 am - 12.00 pm
1.00 pm -   4.30 pm